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In this blog I share my experiences with domestic violence, and my determination to not let it define me. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and it is how I like to express myself when putting words to paper.  As such, my blog entries are in the 

form of a poem.

His Eyes


I turned around

And there he was

Spontaneously my breath became trapped inside my throat

Stunned and statue-like I stood

As gravity suctioned my bare feet to the cold tile floor

His eyes held mine, enraged and empty

Big and bulging, wide and horrific

With pierced pupils surrounded by bolts of blood red viens

Chills and bumps stung me from hair follicles to toe nails

As shock clinged my quivering flesh from within

With every furious snort of his baited breath

My own breath grew faint and lessened

With no sentences uttered

His eyes shouted his thoughts

And I knew undoubtedly 

His anger was resolved and final

A well of tears flooded my eyes

And overflowed like hot rivers down my cheeks

Dropping like waterfalls on the cliff of my jaw-line

Then streaming down my neck

And cascading over the lump in my throat

My heart pumped hard, fast and audibly

As its thumping resinated echoes of fear

With all of my senses heightened

And excruciatingly aware and over-exhilerated

Every ounce of my determination was drained

And was captivated with only his eyes

Then he extended his hand to me

And noticing the extruding knots between his eyes so full of fury

I lowered my eyes under the force of his power

I lifted my hand so cold and limp

Resting it delicately in his even colder and callused hands

It was though he was dead inside and evil filled his stature

With fright and slowness of movement

I lifted my weighted eyelids

My eyes froze at the adam's apple of his neck

Afraid to look any further

Unwillingly my sight entangled with his again

From my gut spewed words of pleading

Saying anything and everything

To reconcile the very thing I was escaping.

By Merlene Ronell Powell

Sleepless Night - 11/20/2017

Another sleepless night

Worry caressing every thought in endless agony

Haunting thoughts cloud my thinking from dusk till dawn


Wiser and Stronger -11/19/2017

The names you called me I did not answer to

You told me lies but I knew the truth

You took everything but nothing that mattered


I Am Strong - 11/19/2017

Down trodden

Painfully laden

With shouts and curses


I Stood Up -11/19/2017

Tired and broken

Body, mind and spirit

Countless words spoken and unspoken


I Am The Voice - 11/19/2017

I am the Voice

Of she who laments

In the wilderness of her soul



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