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Why Strong Women Association Was Established

Strong Women Association was established to provide programming whereby victims of conjugal violence can have the opportunity to work through their emotional pain and build their personal economy.  Also, we work with abused children of conjugal violence victims to help them gain a sense of personal stability and control.  In our work with abused women and children, the goal is to build self-confidence and create opportunities for autonomy.  As cases of domestic violence can result in repeated behavioral patterns and poverty, the goal of Strong Women Association is to help eradicate the cycle of domestic and help eliminate the threat of poverty in lives of victims.

How Our Services Help Abused Women and Children

Strong Women Association has developed three projects for abused women and children.  The Self-Empowerment for Victims of Domestic Violence, Economic Empowerment for Victims of Domestic Violence and the Inspire Summer Camp for Children of Domestic Violence Victims.

We help by providing services for women and children to put their abusive past behind them and assist them with regaining control of their lives and future.

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What You Can Do To Help

You can help by joining our team, becoming a board member, volunteering, giving of your expertise and/or contribution of financial donation or resources.  Financial contributions can be made online through our website.  For other forms of help, you can reach us by completing the "Contact Us" form.

Self-Empowerment for Victims of Domestic Violence

Group Counseling

Abused women are able to work through their emotions in an environment that is safe, and share their experiences in the company of women who can sympathize with their hardships. They will realize also, they are not alone and will have the opportunity to bond with other abused women.

Self-Defense Classes

Women suffer many forms of abuse that make them feel violated and afraid.  For those especially who have been physically abused, the threat of bodily harm can be overwhelming.  The ability for women to be able to defend themselves is paramount.  Self-defense can help to build confidence in women.

Fitness and Nutrition

As experiences such domestic violence can cause women to experience depressive moods and unhealthy eating habits, exercise and nutrition can help.  Exercise helps to produce positive endorphins that can improve the mood of women. 

Economic Empowerment for Victims of Domestic Violence

Career Counseling

Many domestic violence victims face poverty after leaving their abusers. Reason being, they are forced to enter secure shelters for the safety of themselves and their children.  Sometimes victims leave with only the clothes on their backs or with limited necessities and resources.  They have to quit their jobs and sometimes re-locate abruptly as well.  At the shelters, women are guided through the welfare system for financial assistance and housing.  Although these resources are invaluable, women would rather view these resources as temporary, and would like the opportunity to be successful and autonomous. Career counseling helps with job preparedness to re-enter the job market and/or advice for enrolling in an educational program.

Financial Workshop

Since financial resources are limited for victims of conjugal violence in shelters, how to effectively manage their limited income is key.  As the workshops are conducted by banking professionals, women will be given guidelines on how to best manage their personal finances.


Women are peered with graduate students for the purpose of motivation and career mentoring.  We want to see our clients succeed and mentorship can help in that regard.

Inspire Summer Camp for Children of DV Victims

Teachable Moment 1: Hurting others is not okay

Kids who live in abusive environments are learning subconsciously aggressive behavior.  These behaviors are mimicked by children from the aggressive parent.  Reinforcing proper social skills can counteract aggressive behavior in children.

Teachable Moment 2: I am in control of my feelings and actions

Children become irritable when they feel unstable in their home life.  It is where their security is established, and if they are insecure, those feelings can be displayed outwardly in the form of outbursts.  Learning self-control techniques can improve interpersonal skills with children.

Teachable Moment 3: I will use my words to express how I feel

The communication between feuding parents help to destroy proper communication skills in children. Shouting, blaming, name-calling and accusations are what they are being taught to do.  Developing proper communication skills, which involves proper tone and non-offensive language can improve greatly the social skills of children.

Teachable Moment 4: I can ask for help

If children are unsure about anything, need advice and/or would like to report anything, they learn ways in which to safely access that help.

Teachable Moment 5: I am calm

Children will be taught techniques on how to remain calm and learn techniques like deep-breathing exercises and counting practices.  The idea is to lessen the chances of children "reacting" to situations, and taking a moment to think before "responding" to a situation.

"Reasons for the Five Teachable Moments"

Children are experiencing a lot of emotions that they don't have the skills to manage.  They feel hurt and confused, and as such they feel powerless in situations they have no control over.  The camp is designed with activities where children can build positivity within themselves and develop their social skills.

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